Dear respected authors of MIJST,

We are very thankful for your valuable contributions to our journal. We are also going to apply for DOAJ, SCOPUS, and ISI (Web of Science) indexing very soon.

It is very important to inform you that inclusion of Co-authors and contributors of a particular submission should follow the ethical and professional norm. To follow the norm, we must keep in mind the following points.

  1. All authors, co-authors, and contributors’ information should be provided properly and correctly during the submission of a manuscript.
  2. After acceptance, authors, co-authors, or contributors can not be included or removed for that particular submission.
  3. In the accepted manuscript, the sequence of authors, co-authors, and contributors should be same as provided in Metadata during initial submission.
  4. Sequence of participants can be rearranged, and information can be modified any time by providing valid reasons.
  5. All the contributors and sponsors should be appeared in the accepted manuscript with proper acknowledgements.
  6. In the initial (first) submission, manuscript must not contain any information about Authors, Co-authors, contributors, sponsors, institutions, or support for double-blind review process.

Thank you for your kind consideration and cooperation.