• Gp Capt Abdus Salam MIST
  • Gp.Capt. Nc Chattopadhyay MIST
  • Jalal Uddin Rumi MIST
  • H.E.M.Zahidullslam Eunus MIST
Keywords: Aviation , Engine j~t noise, noise propagation, supersonic aircraft, flight frequency, impacts


Aircraft engine jet noise has been a problem since the beginnings of aviation with the introduction of jet-powered
aircraft. The demand of aircraft for transport and combat purpose has largely increased in present times. The
statistics has forecast that aviation is likely to grow over the next 30 years at an average rate of 4.25% per year in
these aircraft; modern technologies are being used where the use of jet engines is inescapable. All types of
engines are generating noise which has negative impact on environment as well as human being. Although
individual aircraft has become quieter over the past 30 years but flight frequencies have increased. High speedy
supersonic aircrafts are also using for military purposes. This paper offers basically an approach to study about
engine jet noise, its sources, causes of jet noise, noise propagation, it's impact and finally trying to find solution to
reduce it. Though it is a vast field in aviation sector, this topic is discussed in brief.


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