• Mohammad Naim Uddin MIST
  • Shah Mohazzem Hossain MIST
Keywords: Alternative energy, Piezoelectricity, Footstep energy harvesting, Piezo-shoe, Miniature energy generator


There is no alternate to adequate electric power to avoid procrastination of the development pace of a nation.
From this urge, governments of different countries are taking different initiatives for production of more
and more electricity. But as we know the law of conservation of energy states that no energy can be created
or destroyed, it only takes one form to another. So in traditional way, generation of electricity means to
burn fossil fuels or utilization of nuclear energy. In these cases, limitation of resources and environmental
hazard has always been a great concern. Though solar power is already a well-known alternate renewable
source, its abundance is weather dependent and requires large area. Piezoelectric power generation can be
a very good alternative for fossil fuels or other traditional ways of electricity generation. It is 100% clean,
non- hazardous, easy to implement, inexpensive and eco-friendly source of energy. There is no byproduct in
this power generation. It occupies less space and is easily portable. It can be implemented in various ways to
generate energy. This system can be used at domestic level as well as at industrial level.


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